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A tow truck is only as good as the equipment it carries. The tow truck accessories and equipment are just as vital to a successful as the tow truck itself, if not more so. With the use of the right tow truck equipment, towing processes will be safer and more efficient. Here is a quick look at some of the more useful tow truck equipment available today:


whee lift towing - tow dollies


Dollies are a tow truck driver’s best friend. Not unlike heavy-duty roller skates, dollies fit under each tire and keep the vehicle’s tires off the ground. Dollies are invaluable in towing cars and trucks that have damaged wheels, bent tires, broken axles, locked wheels, and vehicles that will not go into Neutral.

They are tow truck equipment to wheel lift tow trucks when towing all-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive vehicles. These vehicles need to have their wheels off from the ground when towing. However, wheel lift towing will only hoist up either the front or rear pair of wheels in the air, leaving the remaining pair on the ground. Towing an all-wheel-drive this way will damage the transmission of the vehicle. With tow dollies, the remaining wheels can rest on them, and the issue of transmission damage is resolved.


Tow Truck Equipment - Go-Jacks


Go-Jacks can do seemingly impossible tasks. Most notable, they can move a car sideways! Let’s say you have a disabled vehicle that is parked snugly between two other vehicles – the Go-Jacks fit under each tire like dollies, but the Go-Jack wheels are on swiveling casters so they can pull the vehicle in any direction.

Go-jacks are very useful in towing cars that are parked in parallel. They are also essential in towing vehicles in low clearance parking garages. However, when using Go-jacks, watch out for inclined slopes or hills. Vehicles installed with Go-jacks will move and roll quickly down the slopes.




An air compressor is a must-have accessory for all tow trucks because many drivers calling for roadside assistance need only air for their tires, and many spare tires are low on air. It is not only essential to keep a good-quality air compressor on board, but it is also very important to keep the air compressor in running order.


towing straps | tow truck equipment


Never underestimate the importance of equipping your tow truck with a selection of high-quality straps. When towing high-end vehicles, towing and roadside assistance companies are often requested by luxury car owners to use straps. Examples of towing straps are soft straps and 4-inch straps. Remember that the straps are the only part of the tow truck that touches the body of the vehicle. Towing straps are frequently used to tie down and secure the wheels of a vehicle placed onto a flatbed tow truck.

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