Stay Safe While Waiting for Towing and Roadside Assistance

Whether you are encountered a minor accident, dead car battery or flat tire, it is necessary to stay safe while expecting tow truck or roadside services. Driving is essential for many people daily. Without a vehicle, it will be difficult to travel from one place to another. Although car maintenance can reduce the chance of breakdowns, there might be nasty surprises like a blowout or punctured tire that can disrupt your travel. However, keeping yourself safe should always remain as your priority while waiting for assistance. Other automobiles and trucks that pass by can be safety threats, so the following tips can help you stay safe when you are stranded on the side of the road.

Stay Away From Traffic

The minute your car engine stop running, pull over to a safe area and turn on the hazard lights, so that you can alert others. Drive and stay on the shoulder of the road so not traffic is not blocked. If you cannot drive the car, try to push it to the shoulder of the road if it is safe to do so. Put traffic warning cones, reflective roadside warning triangles or flares to make your vehicle visible.

Park at Safer Areas

You need to find a safe place to call for roadside assistance or towing. It is crucial to ensure your safety first before contacting the service providers. You would want to prevent undesired accidents to further worsen the situation. Also, you may want to keep a lookout for any danger signs from your vehicle, like smoke emitting from engines.

Make Sure the Car is Attended

Be sure to keep a lookout on your vehicle, even if it is safe to exit your car. Wait patiently for tow trucks and let the towing operator move your vehicle; do not leave your vehicle without anyone attending it, and make sure your valuables and important documents are carried with you.

Stay in Your Vehicle

If you are traveling with your family and encountered vehicle breakdown, try to stay inside your vehicle and keep the doors locked, and do not leave the vehicle unless necessary. When you are on a freeway, do not leave unless extremely necessary, or you see hazards from within the vehicle. If you exit the vehicle, never just stand in front or behind it, make sure warning cones or flares are in place.

Do Not Leave with Strangers

Although there may be good Samaritans trying to assist you, it is not desirable to leave with strangers. Some may have ill-intend or other motives to get near you. Thus, avoid talking to passing drivers while awaiting for towing or roadside assistance.

Identification of Driver from Towing Company

When you call for a towing service, be sure to ask for the license plate of the tow truck coming to assist you. The name of the tow truck driver should also be provided. These are relevant information that can verify if the person is the one going to help you. make sure to know the driver’s name and other relevant information. Some criminals will take the chance to rob or take whatever valuables during a crisis. So be cautious and approach only the right personnel.

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