Roadside Assistance

Glendale Roadside Assistance

Car lockouts, jump-starts, gas deliveries, tire changes, and battery deliveries that’s what we do here at Glendale Towing. We are here in the beautiful city of Glendale to assist you with your emergency vehicle needs. We will provide you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you are never alone when you are driving on busy highways of Glendale and congested side streets. Life is unpredictable, so it pays to expect the unexpected. Don’t wait until you are stranded in the center lane of a busy interstate highway to think about the need for a quality roadside assistance plan.

jump start roadside assistance

Jump Start Battery

 Is your vehicle not starting due to a dead battery? Want to jump the vehicle but do not have the cables? Feel free to call for our roadside assistance! Using the right tools, cables, and equipment, we can perform the correct jump start. When jump start is done incorrectly, damage may incur to the vehicle. Our experienced technicians are equipped with top-grade cables to jump-start your car. Before we proceed with the task, we will check your car battery. Find our professionals to jump-start your car and not do it yourself risking injury.

flat tire change

Replace Flat Tires

Flat tires are common issues on the roads. We offer quick and affordable tire replacement service. Our team has been helping troubled drivers in the community for many years and we know the areas like the back of our hands. If your tire goes flat on the road, we are more than capable of providing a tire replacement to your vehicle. We believe that being prepared for any roadside situations will assist our customers in the best way we can.

fuel delivery

Car Gas Delivery

Our gas delivery service can help you refuel the gas tank. There is no need to waste your time trying to walk for a long distance when we are just a phone call away. You can opt to refuel part of the tank or refill it fully. You may want to fill up just a little so you can drive to a gas station, if available. You can also choose to refill all so that you can continue with your travels.

Tow Truck Driver - Car Lockout

Car Lockout Service

We can arrive at your location and regain entry to your vehicle, so your lockout situation will not last long. Our dispatch service can send our technician and locksmith to your way any time of the day. We will arrive at the scene to unlock the car door for you, and get you back to the driving seat. Getting your keys stuck in the car isn’t fun and will make things stressful in life. When this happens, call us for our lockout service. our prompt car lockout service in Glendale and surrounding areas can ease your worries.

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