Defensive Driving Can Improve Road Safety and Prevent Accident Towing

Driving can be unpredictable with the road conditions ever-changing. Thus, defensive driving is can keep you safe and help you avoid a collision while on the road, and avoid the need for accident towing. Like all learning all things, this driving technique requires conscious practice to make it perfect.

Signal Other Drivers

Using the turn signal lights good driving habits. However, they are commonly underutilized by reckless drivers. Sadly, as people become more habitual in their driving, they often do not feel the need to use them, perhaps in the past, they might have gotten away from not using it. However, signaling other drivers your intention can prevent accidents, and every driver should cultivate the habit of signaling. Whenever you are merging or changing lanes, you need to have your turn signal on to indicate to other drivers.


Another issue plaguing modern drivers is a psychological one, and that is road rage. Road rage is can cause minor to fatal accidents or altercations. According to road rage statistics, 66% of fatal accidents involve a certain level of aggressive driving and road rage. An easy way to solve this is a little patience. When another driver is giving you minor issues or being too slow in front, pull off to the side of the road, wait for them to move past, regain your focus before resuming your driving. When one is angry, the concentration is lost and it will be difficult to drive safely.

Don’t be Distracted

There are 3 types of driving distractions, namely visual, cognitive, and manual. A visual distraction means when the eyes are not focusing on the road, a very common visual distraction is looking at mobile cell phone devices while driving. A cognitive distraction is when your mind is not focusing on the road, an example is a conversation or even an argument that can undermine your response to road situations. A manual distraction is where the hands are not on the driving wheels, examples include adjusting the radio, eating, fiddling with electronic devices, and so on. Distractions are perhaps one of the primary reasons for fatal accidents besides road rage. So it is imperative to stay focused on the road.

Share the Road and Leave Some Space

Driving too close or tailgating other vehicles on the road is not going to help drivers go any faster. In fact, that is a form of reckless driving, where you will be at fault if there is an accident involved. Drivers should learn to share the road, this means we need to have the mentality that all drivers need to use the same road to go to certain destinations. Thus, we need to show understanding and not drive mindlessly or cut others’ paths off. When a driver is trying to get over, one should try the best to give way, and hopefully, others will do the same.

There is also common sense in driving; for instance, when the traffic is light, where there are not many cars on the road, leave more distance between yourself and drivers. There is no point in making other drivers uncomfortable when you can simply drive at other lanes.

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