Dealing with Car Breakdowns

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Find the Causes

Finding out causes for a car breakdown is how you can prepare and avoid it. Damaged and overused tires are common causes of car breakdowns. Worn out, overused tires have high risks of tire blowouts. Faulty car batteries are also one of the causes; ensure that the batteries are examined regularly, and when the engine is turned off, do not leave the lights on. Other issues include fuel problems, alternator faults, faulty spark plugs, start issues, problems with high-tension leads. These problems can be prevented with regular check-ups and maintenance.

Prepare a Roadside Emergency Kit

It is a good habit to keep an emergency kit, in case you face a vehicle breakdown in remote areas. The kit should be stocked with necessary items for a vehicle breakdown. Items such as a flashlight, mobile phone charger, first aid, spare tires, hazard triangles, and visibility will come in handy. Not to forget some snack like granola bars and bottles of water.

In a Breakdown

During the breakdown, do not panic and take control of the situation. Pull over to the safest place nearby and away from the traffic whenever possible. Turn the hazard lights on and turn the vehicle off. Check to see if everyone is safe. Next call us for towing companies or roadside assistance, or anyone who may be waiting for you. Put the hazard triangles both in front and behind the car to warn other vehicles on the road. Sit inside the vehicle with windows rolled up and wait for called assistance.


When your vehicle breaks down, you need help from someone to get it to repair shops to get fixed. Storing the contact number of a towing company will help greatly. This can reduce the level of stress when you are stranded on the side of the road, knowing there is assistance from someone.

Taking Step by Step

It is only natural for one to feel anxious or stressed during a vehicle breakdown. Take a deep breath and calm the mind down. Gather the thoughts and prepare for roadside precautions. As long as you have called for the right assistance, it will reach you in due time. Keep composed and take the situation step by step.

Do Some Research and Get the Right Assistance

If you are going out of town or traveling in long distance, take some time to research for the right towing companies and roadside assistance providers in that area. See if they are available 24 hours a day, and has the right reputation. Keep some of the numbers in case you need help; they will come in handy.

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