Used Tow Trucks for Sale


If you’re looking at used tow trucks for sale, you should remember that buying a second-hand tow truck is exactly the same as buying a second hand car – except completely different. Here is quick run-down of the ways in which the two are alike.

It’s the same as buying a used car!

Just like buying a used car, you have to be shrewd. Bring along a trustworthy truck mechanic who knows his way around tow trucks. Check out all the functions of the truck and the towing mechanisms, winches and accessories. If possible, pore over any registration records and service orders related to the truck.

Used Tow Trucks for Sale

It’s completely different from buying a car!

The main difference is that a tow truck is built to last several hundred thousand miles without flinching, whereas most cars coming off the assembly line nowadays have a hard time making it to 100,000.

So don’t be scared away by a heavy odometer reading. Even a tow truck with 200,000 under its belt is just reaching its stride. Instead, examine the gears, pulleys and levers carefully. Look for signs of damage or uneven wear. A seasoned mechanic can easily tell how well the mechanisms have been maintained.

For sale, Used Tow Trucks

You should never even think of buying a used tow truck without doing a few “test tows” by hauling a few different cars around town. Is the tow bar or truck bed in perfect working order? Do they ascend and descend smoothly?

Whichever used tow truck for sale catches your fancy, be sure to check out the vehicle – with a dependable tow truck mechanic in tow – before you sign on the dotted line!

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