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In the great city of Tujunga which is also as one settlement with Sunland. We have one towing services company that we trust and enjoy around, which is Tujunga Towing. With over two decades of experience with the Tujunga and Sunland areas, and Tujunga Towing is proud to be the leading service in the area. Whether its tows or other car services, you will not get the service you need unless you contact us now! We are your first choice when it comes to emergency towing because we will come to your aid immediately as an emergency should be handled.

Tujunga Towing is the best towing company you can call in your time of need! We make sure that all our customers get what they need and the services that they deserve!  You just call us at (818) 334-6972 and tell us all the details and in 5mins one our guys will give you a call that he is on the way! We make it very easy for you and we always make sure that we are there in 20 to 30 minutes  from your call!  We also make sure that you will be getting the most affordable prices you can get in all of Southern California!  Tujunga Towing has been since 1989 and has never had any problems of any kind with any customer that calls us! Tow Truck Services in Tujunga is rated as of the best Tow truck services in all of southern California!

We also do:

  • Jump starts
  • Lockouts
  • Tire change
  • Gas deliveries
  • Heavy Duty services

Our Tujunga Tow Truck Service has the best equipment that we can buy at this time! We have everything from heavy duty trucks to small tow trucks.  Tujunga Tow Truck Service   will always help you with everything no exceptions!  The employees at Tujunga Tow Truck Service take pride in their job and make sure that they can do everything they can to help you in this time. We serve everywhere from the 210 freeway to the Wilderness Park.

Our boss makes sure that all our employees at Tujunga Towing has the best stuff for the job and has the most certified people in all of the United States!  Our boss tells all his employees that, “To be successful you need to try your best you can!”  Our boss also makes sure that we has the most affordable towing prices in all southern California and that we have the best trucks.  He also says that Tow Trucks Services Tujungawill always be open for service because the word failure is never in our employees mind! Our boss makes sure that all our employees take pride in their job!

One of our clients named Janelle said that, “They are the best towing company that you can call at your time of need!”  Our client named Janeth said that, “Tujunga Tow Truck Services in Tujunga are the most helpful and most organized people in the entire valley!”  Another client named Ramon said that, “This is the best towing company in Los Angeles!” A different customer named Raul Juarez said that, It’s the best company that there is in Southern California!”  Finally our customer named Ronald said that, “ He parties all night comfortable because he knows if he knows. Towing Tujuna is always open and will always be open to help him at any time!”

So call us know (818) 334-6972! You won’t have any problems with us or any complains!  So call us!

Contact Tujunga Towing for any of the following services in Towing. For all kinds of tows: motorcycles, u-hauls, sedans, SUVs, and whatever else you drive, we can tow it for you no problem. If you need a flatbed truck or a heavy duty truck to come to your aid, then you will be pleased to know that we are stocked up in our inventory with all types of tow-ers and can always extend out our hand to you at any time. Towing Tujunga also offers winch out services for you who seem to keep getting stuck in ditches, pot holes, dirt, mud, or sandy areas. We have battery services for situations that need a replacement or a simple boost to get home. There are tire services for flats that need replacement or simple tire air pressure correction if you need it. When you are going along and all of a sudden you notice that you are out of gas, Towing of Tujunga can simply do that for you. If you luck out and get your keys locked out in your car, contact us now and we will send one of our car techs now to come break in to your car for you!
For whatever other roadside assistance services that you need, call Tujunga Towing and see what we can do for you now. The only towing that we do not handle here is impound towing because of the simple reason that we do not like to ruin people’s days. We are not concerned if you are parked illegally or in a way that bothers your neighbors. What we are concerned with is if you are stuck in Tujunga and have no were to go and no towing company to come service you. That is where we come in and save the day.

Why Tujunga Towing?

A word of reassurance about our staff here at Towing of Tujunga, they have been in service for quite some time. The staff here is always undergoing new training to make sure that they are on top of all their field’s information and knowledge. This staff is different from others due to the simple fact that we care for our clients and want to make sure that our work is up to their satisfaction. You got great efficient, quick, and no hassle service when you are here with Towing Tujunga, so contact us now!

Tujunga Towing Service area:

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