Towing Services in Low Clearance

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Towing Services in Low Clearance

Looking for towing services in low clearance areas like parking garages and other areas? Well, look no further. Fortunately for you, you’ve stumbled across a company that specializes in low clearance tow truck services, and which can help you out regardless of the area that your car is located in.

Most towing services in the Los Angeles and Glendale areas especially only have tow trucks with a clearance of 7 feet at the best, and they are often unable to help you in a parking garage with a lower clearance. In addition, they end up charging you tons of extra money just to get those tow trucks out to help you, because they think that they’re doing something that no one else can do.

Well guess what? We can.

We can not only do what they can do, we can also get you a truck that can reach you in a parking garage with a clearance of even 6 feet. And even better, when we help you out we aren’t going to charge you extra for the truck itself, because that’s not what we believe in. We believe in saving you as much money and treating every customer with the best prices possible, to ensure that they love our service and recommend us to anyone they know who might need a tow truck service as well. Don’t wait any longer; call us if you need help with towing services in low clearance, and see why so many customers have stuck with our service for so long!

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