Tow Trucks for Sale

There are so many different tow trucks for sale that you need to narrow your search or you’ll be overwhelmed by the variety of tow trucks available today.

For example, the different types of tow truck for sale include wheel-lifts, flatbeds, low clearance, medium duty and heavy duty wreckers. You’ll need to figure out which type of truck best suits your needs. All things considered, the good old-fashioned wheel-lift tow truck gives you the most bang for your buck.

Tow Truck for Sale

An all-pupose wheel-lift is the most versatile of tow trucks for sale. Coupled with some essential towing equipment – like dollies, jacks and straps – the wheel-lift tow truck can handle almost any towing emergency.

A flatbed tow truck is the second most popular type of tow truck, consisting of a powerful truck with a long bed that tilts hydraulically. This is ideal for 4-wheel-drive vehicles, heavily damaged vehicles, and low-riding cars. As well, a flatbed tow truck can transport forklifts, storage containers and just about anything else that fits on the bed.

Beyond these basic utility tow trucks, there are many specialty tow trucks for sale, including low-clearance tow trucks for tight spaces and heavy-duty wreckers for RVs, trucks and busses. But these specialty trucks can be added later when your fleet of tow trucks expands.

For now, calculate the types of vehicles you will be towing, and decide which would better suit your needs, wheel-lift or flatbed.

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