If you are looking for a tow truck for sale, think LOCAL!

Tow Truck for Sale

There are thousands of tow trucks of every description for sale in any large city in the country. If you’re not careful, you’ll be overwhelmed by all the choices.

Ask yourself, and your business partners, which best suits your needs – a brand new tow truck or a used tow truck. The obvious drawback to buying or leasing a second-hand tow truck is that you are buying someone else’s problems, too.

The good news is that tow truck manufactured today can routinely haul cars for 300,000 miles or more before they have to be retired, so a used tow truck with 100,000 on the odometer is still considered a powerful and reliable workhorse that is just hitting its stride. Yes, a tow truck for sale is a lucrative business opportunity

You can get some idea of the potential earnings by multiplying the national average of $5 per mile when towing a car (loaded) TIMES the 300,000+ miles a new truck is expected to last. Of course, you have to drive your new tow truck to the scene, so you can calculate about half the miles will be loaded. That’s $5 X 150,000 or $750,000 gross income.

Of course, a new tow truck needs far less repairs and maintenance than an older truck, but both need TLC and lots of gas. Whether you decide to buy a previously-owned tow truck or a new one, count on many years of devoted service – if you treat it right.


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