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Los Feliz Towing

Los Feliz is a small city located in the between Glendale and West Hollywood areas. It is also right off the 5 freeway and in between the 5 and 101. This little city has been proudly served for more than 23 years by Los Feliz Towing services. We have done everything from pick up totaled cars, to u-hauls, to just little sedan cars. We have experience in it all and there is nothing that we can’t help you out in.

What you can expect in dealing with us is quality service. You can expect people that care about your issues when you contact us here at Los Feliz Towing. Towing Los Feliz like to sympathize with our clients considering that we are all people and know that every day vehicle incidents can occur. Los Feliz has no control over the incidents but it does have control in what actions can be taken after they occur.
What kind of services can you find here? For tows, we offer it all. If you need long distance tows from farther places that you might have gotten stranded in, that is quite simple we can get someone out to you. For local distances from home garage to just a mechanic’s shop around the corner, that is no problem at all. If you need a flatbed for your lower riding vehicle or a heavy duty tower for anything else. Whether it be tows for car collisions that rendered your vehicle inoperable to just a one way crash, Towing Los Feliz are the people for the job.

Some of Los Feliz Towing’s Services

For other services offered here: for tire services, we replace flats for those who may have been punctured or popped inconveniently, and we correct your tire air pressure as well at the scene. For batteries, we offer replacements for the dead ones or just a simple jump start to get you home. Refueling services? We offer that too, so when you happen to get stuck with no gas and are not sure where to go, don’t worry because we can bring you what you need. Whenever you are stuck in a ditch, dirt, mud, sand, etc. whatever it is, we have a service for you as well. Our famous winch out techniques are guaranteed to get you out of anything.

Here at Los Feliz Towing there is nothing that we won’t be able to assist you with. The only thing we don’t do here is involuntarily tow your car. What this means is if you don’t contact us to move your vehicle or come to service you, we just will not do it! We are not towing service out to get your money!
If you have any further questions about what Towing Los Feliz can do for you, give us a call at any time. We are open 24/7 and extend our service to all carriers and those without one. So there is no question if you are in our range of service, contact us now (818) 334-6972!

Los Feliz Towing


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