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You are out with the family on a beautiful California weather visiting the very beautiful LA Zoo. The sun could not be any nicer and day could not get any better. You are walking in the park seeing the animals and browsing through the parks guides to see what you will do next. Passing by the monkey cages and the beautiful birds and you see how much your kids are enjoying the day. It is time to head back home and you start heading back towards your car. You notice your car is not sitting normal on the ground and you notice that it is low on one side. You take a second and you walk around the car when you see that you have a flat tired. With three kids with you it is almost impossible for you to change your tire by your self and even if you did not have the kids it would be such a hassle. So now you are stuck at the zoo and you have no idea what you will do. Thankfully Towing Service LA Zoo is here for you. LA Zoo Towing Service has drivers all over the Los Angeles and Glendale area ready to take care of your car trouble and problems.

Why LA Zoo Towing Service?

Here are some of the many differences between us and other tow truck companies. We have the quickest dispatch of the exact tow truck or equipment you need to get back on the road while other companies are the quickest to take your credit card number and expiration date, not so quick to send you the help you need. If we can’t get there in thirty minutes or less, nobody can while for others if they can’t get there in thirty minutes or less they couldn’t care less. LA Zoo Towing Service offer the same low rates to everyone all the time, while for others they use a sliding scale that only slides up and up. Towing Service LA Zoo sticks to the price and quote and there is no surprises at the end, other companies use every trick in the book to pad your bill with extra charges. Towing Service LA Zoo baby’s your car as much as you do. LA Zoo Towing Service has been towing cars since 1981, Towing Service LA Zoo will dazzle you with our quick service and friendly prices!

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So what are you waiting for? do you have a flat tire? is your car not starting and you need a jump start? are you locked out of you car and you cannot find your keys? or do you Call 818 334-6972 and you can trust that we can take care of you when we get your call we do not wait till you pay us for us to send you help. We send the help out and then you pay once you are home safe! Call today!


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