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The flatbed tow truck is unquestionably the most versatile towing vehicle in the fleet. You may not realize it, but there are many different types of tow trucks available today – from wheel lift trucks to medium-duty tow trucks to heavy-duty wreckers. But the good old flatbed tow truck is the flat out winner.


What is a Flatbed Tow Truck?

Flatbed tow trucks get their name from their iconic flatbeds. It is also known as the roll-back trucks. These trucks have a hydraulic system that rolls the platform, or the flatbed at an angle to the ground, and that allows the vehicle to drive up onto the platform, or be winched up to the platform if there is a winch system in place. When the towed vehicle is safely loaded onto the platform, the hydraulics can adjust the angle back to normal, and return the platform to the usual resting position. Of the five types of tow trucks that are out there, flatbed trucks are the safest because they cause the least amount of damage to vehicles. This is because the car is off the ground and secured to the bed of the truck.


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What Can Flatbed Tow Trucks Tow?

A flatbed tow truck can tow virtually anything, from motorcycles, cars, sports cars, sedans, four-wheel-drives, and many more. For example, a regular wheel lift tow truck cannot lift and pull a car with damaged wheels or tires, especially not if two or more wheels are damaged. Likewise, a wheel lift truck cannot move a storage container or forklift truck, but a flatbed tow truck can.

Flatbed Tow Truck | Flatbed Towing

Also, a car that is very low to the ground, either by design or by modification, can easily be scratched up by a conventional tow truck, whereas a flatbed tow truck provides an effortless, elevated, even ride for any vehicle.

Finicky drivers and car enthusiasts often prefer to move their precious cars and assets using flatbed towing. It is perfectly normal to use a flatbed for any tow more than 35 or 40 miles, if only because hauling a vehicle that distance on a regular tow truck will expose the tires to much wear, tear, and potholes.

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