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If your vehicle breaks down on the Highway, you can now breathe a big sigh of relief….WE’RE HERE TO HELP.  In fact, Angeles Crest Towing will rescue you anywhere in the Angeles National Forest – anytime of the day or night!  And we’re as close as your cellphone

We are as close as your cellphone. When you call for assistance and tell us you’re stranded up in the Angeles National Forest, we never say, Oh no! We always say, “Yes, oh yes!”

Here’s the reason: we recently opened Angeles Crest Towing in response to the hundreds of calls we get from that area each week. We’re the same pros behind La Crescenta Towing.

Angeles Crest Towing

That’s right, hundreds!

Why call Angeles Crest Towing?

Every single day, good people like yourself suffer from blown tires, broken water pumps and drained batteries – not to mention locking their keys in their cars…in the trunk…with the engine running…and the radio blasting embarrassing talk-show subject matter.

If your car pooped out along the road last year at this time, you’d be SOL (LOL) because you would have had to wait hours and hours for help. Stranded motorists along the ol’ Angeles Crest Highway have been a staple of the rural scenery since 1929, when it was first built as a fire access route only!

For example, if your car or truck broke down along the Angeles Crest Highway during the 1940s, you had a wait an average of 11½  years to get roadside assistance. That’s a LONG wait for a tow truck, but still quicker than AA will get around to you in the Angeles nation forest today.

As of right now, your car, truck, motorcycle, RV or big rig can be assisted along the Highway in no time. Depending where you are, we can get a tow truck, flatbed transporter or roadside assistance vehicle to you in as little as 25 minutes. Wherever you are, no one can come to your aid faster – and that’s a guarantee.

Our other guarantee is that we will get the job done, no matter how serious the disablement or predicament. In other words, we can save the day for ANY jam, from off-road recovery and RV tire replacements to car lockouts and gas delivery.

And of course towing. Towing, towing and more towing. Towing of big trucks, little trucks and in-between trucks. Ice cream trucks, catering trucks and box trucks galore. Plus every vehicle on wheels!

Towing Angeles Crest

Angeles Crest Towing

Save yourself a LOT of time, money and worry. We know the Highway like the back of our hand. It’s a beautiful part of God’s Country, but Angeles Crest Highway Towing won’t make you admire the scenery for half a day while you wait for assistance.

Call Angeles Crest Towing FIRST at (818) 334-6972. You’ll be glad you did.

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