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We carry many used tires if you want to get a set of tires but really don’t need new ones we have tons of used tires in stock. Our 2 story warehouse holds over 20 thousand used tires with a huge variety of different brands, models, and sizes. We carry gently used tires which are in excellent condition .Many of these tires come straight from car dealerships of consumers who want to change their cars look. All of our used tires are inspected prior to sell and repaired if needed.

24/7 used tire service is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week so no matter what time you need us someone is always ready to take your call and service your vehicle. Our goal and main objective is to satisfy our customers with used tires that our able to last without a blowout. Tires that have been repaired have no place at 24/7 used tire service We have very affordable prices and fast friendly service so our customers are constantly recommending us to friends and family We carry sizes that you wouldn’t find at a standard tire shop Our professional technicians will assure you that your tires will be properly mounted and balanced., We have experienced tire techs that can get the job done they are familiarized with the proper amount of air pressure for each tire. If you are stuck with a flat tire at 3 am in the morning give us a call we will have you back rolling again by dawn.

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