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Have you ever left your keys inside of your locked car?  Have you ever run out of gas on the freeway?  Have you even left your headlights on overnight?  If you answered “yes!” to any of these questions, you NEED to call Glendale Towing.  We understand the frustration that comes with over thirty years of business, we’ve been the city’s # 1 company for all types of towing and roadside assistance in the city of Glendale, and towing in cities like Pasadena, Burbank, Studio City, Hollywood and even Los Angeles.  If you live in, or are visiting in any of the following Glendale Zip Codes 91201, 91202, 91203, 91204, 91205, 91206, 91207, 91208, 91209, 91210, 91221, 91222, 91225 or 91226, feel free to give Towing Glendale a call today!  Our operators are standing-by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to take your call.  Whether you need towing service or roadside assistance, or whenever you are on the fwy, on the zoo or on the dodger stadium, give us a call today at (818)334-6972.

Glendale Towing Service Mission Statement

Here at Glendale Towing, we are committed to making sure that your needs become our necessity to relieve you of your needs.  Our tow truck technicians are honest, hardworking individuals, whose goals are to maintain the safety of your situation, and to make sure your car is back on the road, and that you’re back to your life as well.  As we shall promise, we will not leave until all of your needs are met and that you are satisfied with our services.

Glendale Towing Services | Phone: (818) 334-6972

Towing in GlendaleIf you need towing services in Glendale, you’ve come to the right place.  Here, we’re dedicated to providing you with the right amount of towing services that you would need for your vehicle.  Speaking of which, we can tow just about ANY kind of vehicle.  From motorcycles to smart cars, and from vans to cargo trucks, we can and we will tow all vehicles that you may approach us with.  We have towed motorcycles, scooters, smart cars, beetles, sports cars, luxury cars, exotic cars, expensive cars, sedans, jalopies, lemons, junk cars, and of course, large and small trucks of all sizes. For all Glendale customers, we have different techniques that we used when it comes to hooking up your car, but no matter the method of choice, you can be sure that we insure the safety of our customers as well as their vehicles, so we make sure not to harm it in the process.

Glendale Roadside Assistance

If towing Glendale isn’t what you need, you might be seeking roadside assistance.  This is a more inexpensive way to fix your vehicle to try and get it back on the road.  Often times, instead of a tow, its more than likely that your car may just be out of battery life or even gas, and we receive calls, asking for roadside service.  We don’t mind actually.  It’s nice to be able to help out a fellow resident/tourist of Glendale.  If you’re seeking roadside assistance, we’re definitely the right guys to call.

Towing and Roadside Services Provided

  • Auto Towing (car tow and truck tow)
  • Lowered vehicle tows
  • Flatbed Tow Trucks
  • Emergency Glendale Services
  • Non Operational Vehicle Tows
  • Junk Car Hauling
  • Local Glendale Towing
  • Long distance tows
  • Heavy duty tow trucks
  • Non Emergency tows
  • Emergency towing
  • Stalled car or truck
  • Jump start battery
  • Mobile recharge and testing
  • Out of Gas services
  • Replace a flat tire from all Vehicles
  • Emergency locksmith with standard/electronic keys

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